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Born and raised in Taiwan. After couple years of working in Asia professionally in Theatre, I came to US to advance my craft. When I first arrived at USA, I fell in love with New York's unpredictable artsy sceneries, abundant Theatre phenomena and unique personalities this city presents immediately. Three years later, I was granted the Master Degree in Acting from Columbia University in NYC in 2012, and decided to stay in the dreamland.

Well over 8 years working on both stage and screen in the States, I've grown to become a more experienced and versatile actor, with some career highlights such as being Invited to Sundance Directors Lab(as the Lead Actress in a Feature Film) in 2015, nominated as Best Actress in Planet Connection Festival in NYC(2015), winning Best Actress awards in LA Movie Awards and Asian Film Festival of Dallas(2015), I started to gain some recognition among the industry professionals. I've had the honor to work with Catherine Hardwicke, Paola Mendoza, Enid Zentelis, and Vera Miao. Recently my short film MA became the officail selection in TriBeca Film Festival(2017), and in 2017, I had my Off Broadway debut(as lead) and my first feature film(as lead) wrapped. I look forward to expend my artist's radar and experience further, in order to meet the film making talents and theatre gurus so that I can continue to be inspired, and educated.  


* What's Special about Wei-Yi Lin? *



Intersectionality and diversity:

For my unique multi-cultural background and training in both Chinese and American acting systems, I have the deep understanding of the differences between West and East cultures, especially when it comes to human behaviors, cultural conflicts, and versatile choices underlying the characters' actions. 


5 years of dance background, one year training in WuShu( Martial Arts), trained under Anne Bogart and Barney O'Hanlon of ViewPoints Technique, and Physical Theatre Training from Niky Wolcz---I am a well trained physical actor. 

Kristin Linklater Voice Technique--DLT trainee. Strives to become the first Chinese-speaking Linklater voice teacher, so that I could bring this unique voice technique for actors to Chinese industry in order to broad their vocal trainings with a total different take.


I now reside in NYC, and often travel to LA and/or Taiwan as work leads me to. Everyday, I strive to better myself, to become a better actor who could serve a story to its best potential. I also am a contracted-columnist for the biggest Women's website in Taiwan- to raise the awareness of sex equality, and of women's rights, self confidence, and power.